Mediterranean Climate

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Earth Sciences

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Mediterranean Climate

Location - All regions are located between 32° and 41° north or south of the equator. - Mainly all are by the coast of oceans or the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean Climate

Beautiful Coastlines

This is what the local food looks like.

VegetationThis is known as a very green area with a lot of trees and shrubs. You can also grow fruits and flowers at times during the year. It is a very good climate for growing crops and agriculture like wheat.

WeatherRugge mountains often can change climate conditions. Very little rain falls.

SeasonsThere are only two seasons: A warm to hot summer and a cool but mild winter.

AnimalsSome animals are wild goats, sheep, horses, cattle, wild boars, rabbits, vultures, eagles and sea life. The animals have to be able to adapt to the climate.


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