Medievel Weapons

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European history

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Medievel Weapons

This is a basic arming sword and it is used to cut through tough armor and it has great range.

This weapon is known as the crossbow. It can shoot up to 50 yards and you won't have to hold it down because it has a lock system.

These weapons are called flanged maces and they also come in diffrent sizes and tips, execpt you don't throw a mace, it's for close combat

This heavy iron-made weapon is the morning star and it is used to swing around and it could be used to trap other weapons.

Medievel Weapons of Europe

Armor is a tough suit made of iron used to protect horses and knights from harm and there are different kinds of iron.

The Euopeans used many different kinds of spears in lots of diffrernt sizes and tips. They have tough iron tips for penetration

These winged spears are used for very accurate spear throwing and can go a lot farther than otherspears. They could be made of metal for penetrating

By:Giovanni Louis

These are called lances. These were used as thrusting spears and were usually used by horeback knights.

This bombard was used as a cannon or a motar and shot a huge ball made of hard stone. This was used for offense and defence.

The most basic ranged weapon is the bow and arrow. This was used to shoot over walls and get far away targets. Bows are commonly woodworked


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