Medieval Knights

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Medieval Knights

What a Knight would have worn

Medieval Knights.By Norbert and Melanie

Knights had a code of chivalry they had to follow. What chivalry was, was being brave and courageous in battle, but would also show knightly qualities by making themselves appear loyal courteous and generous.

What is a knight?A knight is a solidier during Medieval Times. They are born a Noble and become an apprentice as a page and a squire to rise up in rank.

The practice of Knighthood started back in the 11th century. During the late 13th century is when Knighthood reached an end.

Knights were formed for the reason of being able to protect the king's land. They guarded the castle and they fought off other opposing knights. They also protected the people.

The Codes of ChivalryTruth- Do not tell a lieHonor- To keep your promisesJustice- To defend the helplessValor- To not fear anythingLoyalty-To choose your self worthy

Boys at the age of 7 were sent to the castle to obtain training of the basic skills of becoming a knight. Young boys who deiced to become a knight recived the role of "Medieval Page" What a page did was they were training with weapons, how to ride horses, and how to behave around higher authorities.

A leader of a group of knights would be called a "Master". What the master would do is lead the group in battles.

Knights competed in tournaments. Tournaments consited of jousting and a winner would be chosen by either last man standing or best record. They were awarded a prize or money

Between the ages 14 through 21 training became more difficult and they were refered to as"Squires"What squires did was they taught the pages and they served the knights. What they also would have done was trained in battle to prove they were worthy to become a knight.

A knight in shining armor.

King Arthur(A famous knight)

Richard the Lionheart(A famous Knight)

Knights wore full suits of armor made for their comfort and protection.The symbols on their armor indicated what kingdom they were from. They weilded swords axes and daggers.


A sword a Knight may have used.