Medieval Europe

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European history

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Medieval Europe

In 476 the Roman Empire fell. One reason for this was its size which was massive and almost impossible to defend. This was due to the fact that many of the soldiers were not local soldiers with very little loyalty.Another reason was that in Rome there was an issue of passing on power peacefully. People fought for power and had no good system for picking a future leader.Lastly, since Rome was so big there was trouble financing and being able to afford the massive amount of soldiers needed to defend the land.

Fall Of Roman Empire

Medieval Europe

The daily life and routine of commoners was to wake up early work all day to support themself and there family. Whatever time left became little relaxing time at night to eat and rest. Some Jobs people had in medieval europe were to be butchers cobblers and barbers. some other jobs were cloths makers and builders.Homes in medieval europe mostly looked like tall appartments.they caved in at the top and were very small . typically there were 7 to 10 people in every appartment

Daily life

Ancient Romans fighting

Serfs and peasants living on the manor traded freedom and free labor for protection, housing and a small portion of farmland.In the medieval feudal pyramid if you were of noble birth you had more rights than commoners. For example only people of noble birth could become knights.There is a huge difference between peasants and serfs. They both worked on the manor but their contracts were very different. peasants could leave but serfs were tied to the land.


Roman Catholic church

The people who ran the Roman Catholic Church was the down from him was the Arch bishop. Below him is the bishop and next is the priests.They preached in Latin it is the official language on the roman catholic church.It grew fast as many people were moving into the area causing churches to get bigger and bigger.This is because roman catholic was the main religion in western Europe. One of the most famous roman catholic church is the higa sophia which was built in 537 ce.

The Byzantine emperor was grand and a very rich empire the people in the byzantine emperor did not believe in some of the things in the roman catholic religion so they started the orthodox church which preached in greek.the architecture in the and more spread out the cleanliness level was high due to the new system of poor people working to clean the streets.

Bizantine Empire

the magna carta was a bill allowing more say from peasants bringing down some of the need for rulers.the plague struck thousands of people which destroyed almost all of medieval europe .the hundred year war struck medieval europe which cost europe so much money it put them in dept

Fall of fuedalisim


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