Medieval Europe

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Medieval Europe

KnightsAll knights wore very similiar clothing so they could better identified as fighters for their kingdom. Knights wore: - Sleeveless surcoats covered with a coat of arms - Nice, protective battle wear - Fancy everyday clothes - Long tunics with a stiff belt - Chainmail pants - Undergarments made of linen - Woollen stockings

How did Medieval dress change depending on the different occasions?Men and Women

Medieval Europe


Men at WorkThe clothes men wore to work in the Medieval Period were different due to their jobs. - Shomakers: A soft coat with fluffy sleeves. - Manors: Felt hats, brown coats and stirrupsAll these outfits were handmade and comfortable to work in.

Women at HomeThe women in Medieval Europe had different outfits depending on different things (married, not married, etc.) - If married, they had: Tight hats over a small bun - If single, they wore: their hair down or braided and covered by a veil - Handmade tunic/dress of linen or cotton. They wore two tunics, the one beneath was shorter. - Clothing was tight to the wrists and was plaited - Under dresses that came in many colours while the outside tunic/gown was usually white - “Kirtle” was shorter when women were in public - Tight clothes to show elegance - All women wore pointed shoes for various reasons

Men at HomeMiddle-Class men usually worked out in the fields and usually only had 1-2 outfits to wear at home. They consisted of: - Loose and flowing tunics (gradually became tighter fitting) - Undershirts and Briefs that were covered by a sleeveless jacket and additional tunic - Stockings - Cloaks with round openings to slip over man’s head - Clothes covered by a type of jacket

KingsKings were the best groomed in the Medieval times and cared very much about their appearance. Kings wore: - Elegant pants with fancy designs - Well sewn tunics of nice colours - Robe fastened around the waist - Long jacket/coat (the longer your coat, the more important you were) - Closed shoes with metal points - Hair cut short - Shaped hats that were made of felt, otter, goats skin, wool and cotton

QueensQueens had the nicest outfits amongst the women. Their outfits included: - Long dresses and gowns that were in bright and lively colours - Tall headresses that were shaped as butterflies, hearts, etc. - Very pointy shoes (the pointer shoes you had in Medieval Times, the more important you were considered)

Young ChildrenThere was a small variety of clothes little boys and girls would wear. They included: - Boys: Doublets Skirts Coats - Girls: A bodice



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