Medieval Christianity

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Medieval Christianity

Medieval Christianity

Structure/LeadersPope (Rome)Archbishop- in charge of larger area (Rome, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria)Bishop- in charge of smaller areaPriest- in charge of small Christian communities

BeliefsDedication to GodLive a spiritual life of prayer and follow Jesus' teachingsFollow the scaraments- baptism, communion, confession, etc.

The main religion in the Middle Ages was Christianity.The Catholic Church played a large role in society and politics.

Effect on SocietyBelieved the Sacraments were necessary for salvationVenerated saints- prayed to holy people in heavenUsed relics for prayer and worshipPilgrimage- journey to a holy site for spiritual benefit

Jesus the Son of God

Practices and RitualsMonasteries- monks lived in isolation, deep devotionConvents- nuns studied scriptures, helped poorInquisition- court to deal with heretics, torture and executions


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