Medieval Castles Under Attack

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Medieval Castles Under Attack

Medieval Castles Under AttackBy:Regina Dos Reis Mendes

Seige TowerA seige tower was a high tower on wheels used to gain entry into the castle. It could be rolled alongside the wall and attackers would climb up inside the seige tower. At the top, they lowered a drawbridge and tried to cross over onto the top of the castle wall. The outside of the tower was covered with animal skin to protect soldiers inside from arrows that were fired at them from the castle.

Outer Curtain Wall:The outer curtain wall was lower that the inner curtain meaning that soldiers on the inside walls could fire over the heads of the defenders on the outside walls.

Concentric CastlesOver time castles became even more difficult to attack as many of them had two or more rings of defence. Castles were built with a series of smaller and stronger rings, one inside the other. These types of castles were called concentric and were built all over Europe.

Inner Curtain Wall:The inner curtain wall could be five metres thick and thirteen metres high. This was a strong defense from intruders into the castle.

MOATA moat was a deep, ditch surrounding the castle. It was typically filled with water and intended as a defense against attack.

DrawbridgeA drawbridge was a bridge that was hinged at one end so that it may be raised to prevent intruders from entering the castle. This was a bridge placed over the castle moat.


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