Medicine of Folk Remedies in the Medieval Times

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Medicine of Folk Remedies in the Medieval Times

Angelica- used to cure respiratory disease and plague.Basil-used to cure stomach ailments and scorpion bites.Cabagge-used to cure diarrhea, kidney stomach ailments and eye diseaseCloves-used to cure plagueRosemary-used ro cure wounds, fractures, sprains,cough, dizziness and stomach ailment.

Medicines Of Folk Remedies In TheMedieval Times

Hanging a wreath of garlic bulbs in a house will prevent diseaseMint tied around the wrist will ward off disease and infectionCarrying a piece of ash wood will protect you from drowningWearing bracelets and necklaces of dried peony root will ward off demonsScattering elder leaves to the four winds will protect you from evil.

By : Ana, Mia, Aithu,and Ava

Due to the rise and influence of the church and Christianity, folk remedies was outlawed--spells and incantations were replaced by Christian prayers or devotions and the magical powers of herbs, flowers, plants, trees, gems and other related objects were explained through Christian doctrines. They had a very scarce amount of docters. They also had very little knowledge on medicines and relied on superstitions.


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