Medicine in Egypt

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Medicine in Egypt


Medicine was developed in the Nile River Valley. It was developed during the Dynastic period-the recognition and treatment of diesease.


The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus is one of the most important documents pertaining to medicine in the ancient Nile Valley.


Ebers papyrus is the longest medical papyrus. Paragraphs 1-3 talk about about madical spells designed to protect them from supernatual intervention on diagnosis and treatment. They believed illness were from evil spirits that poisioned them. Sometimes they made you eat and drink nasty smelling things.

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Ebers Papyrus also talked about stomach diseases. Paragraphs 50-85 concenstrate on intestinal parasites.

Ebers Papyrus

Paragraphs 90-95 & 104-118 are about skin diseases,with remedies prescribed placed in three catergories of irritative,exfoliative,and ulcerative

If you were sick the doctors gave you laxatives,bled you out, or prayed to Sekhmet to get the evil spirits out.

Sometimes they worked because people get better when they see the doctor doing something.


Doctors performed efffective medical treatments. They massaged aching legs and calves, gave stiches, bandaged wounds,fixed broken and dislocated arms and legs, and performed dentristy

Specialized dentists pulled infected teeth and built bridges to replace lost teeth.




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