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Medical School

While applying for medical school, you need to have many volunteer hours. These volunteer hours should not consist of a one day activity. Take advantage of memorable opportunities because you will discuss your volunteer hours during your interview.

Many people don't get accepted into medical school in the United States. Another option is to attend medical school in the Carribean. If you do this, then you would get a Foreign Medical Graduate. This can lead to having disadvantages when applying for your residency. Carribean medical schools do produce great pediatricians, so this may be the right option for you.

MCAT stands for "The Medical College Admissions Test." This tests students knowledge on information learned from classes that are required before entering medical school. If you score a 30 or higher on this test, then you will have a greater chance of getting in. This test can either make or break your chance of getting into medical school.

Medical School

While applying for medical school, you will have a better chance of getting accepted if you do the following:-Receive good grades in pre-req classes-Have a plan in order to prep for the MCAT-Recieve a good score on your MCAT-Leave time for many volunteer opportunities


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