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medical practices

Medical Practices World War I was a miserable and bloody affair. In 4 years there were about 37 million casualties.

Stretcher-bearers were the first to come into contact with the wounded. They moved them from trenches to waiting ambulances. The first aid treatment these medics gave saved lives many.

Ambulances were the fastest and most efficient way to move the wounded. Ambulances rushed them to mobile dressing stations or field hospitalss. The severely wounded were taken to base hospitals.

Women also cared for the wounded and sick. Thousands of women volunteered as nurses. Many worked at least a 14 hour day in the hospitals. They usually came back on duty when hospital trains arrived with more wounded soldiers.

The X-ray tube shown was used , along with the Arsenic Plate, to detect where a bullet had penetrated. Many operations were successfully performed because this advance in technology.

Plastic surgery was used to reconstruct the face of war victims. It was commonly used on people who suffered major facial wounds due to explosives.


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