Medical Experiments during World War II

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World War II

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Medical Experiments during World War II

Matthew Andrade

Medical Experiments During the Holocaust

''The day of individual happiness has passed.''-Adolf Hitler

World War I was supposed to be the war that ended all wars. Surprisingly, there was another was after WWI. World War II was worse than WWI because it was mainly known for their devious Nazi medicine they attempted to create. This was also known as medical experiments. During WWII, there was no medicine that would help out in war that much. Instead, the Nazis decided to experiment medicines on live people without anesthesia. There were about two billion people who were not Jewish that died from medical experiments. Medical experiments during WWII would be dissecting live people, injecting chemicals into their eyes, sewing and stiching bodies together, gas chambers, and many more. A Nazi medical doctor named Josef Mengele, was a medical doctor who conducted one of the most gruesome medical experiments during WWII. He was also known as the ''angel of death''. After WWII was over, Mengele would name his experiments his ''masterpiece''.

Nazi assistants experiment this man's dissected head, to observe his brain. In result, the man's head was later dissected to pieces, along with his brain.

''The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.'' -Josef Mengele

Medical experiment survivor, now left hanging to die. His stomach and legs were dissected, leaving him hopelessly

Prisoner being forced to drink seawater. He ended up having a dry mouth and artery blockages. To get over with the terrifying pain, he had his arm amputated.

Nazi doctor and assistants dissect a live man. The experimented man was left to die with no brain.

Adolf Hitler was a German Nazi leader who was one of the main reasons that caused WWII. During procedures from medical experiments, Hitler would enter a random procedure room and observe how the medical doctors work and would laugh at some of the patients. However, somtime during or during WWII, he committed suicide, introducing the end of WWII and the Nazis.

A young child's body was dissected and all that remained was his head. In order to stay alive, he was placed in this machine in order to keep breathing.

An Aushwitz patient being placed into ice cold freezing water. Later on, passed away due to hypothermia.


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