Media Effect On Body Image

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Media Effect On Body Image

FactsMore and more people are being affected by the media. Even kids are being affected too. 80% of kids from 11-14 years of age, are worried about their body image. People die from eting disorders.

Medias Effect On Body Image

Female Athletes Now

Female Athletes Before

We can prevent these from affecting our minds by saying to ourselves not to give in to peer pressure and that we have some good qualities that they don't have. Also, that we are all different from each other so there is no way that we can compare ourselves and that we are all equaly unique.

As you can see, athletes physical apearances have changed throughout the years. More muscles have been made and they have a bigger frame than the athletes in the past.

The media shows us skinny, toned athletes in commercials that advertises sportswear. Also, that they are really built and they look attractive to draw us more and want to buy it, because if we do, we will become like them.

Some athletes now use steroids and other drugs to enhance their physical performance for competitions and trainings. Using those drugs can have a bad effect on your body, it can also get you disqualified.

Male Athletes Now

Our friends also affect our way of thinking about our bodies, because they have different opinions abiut hiw the athletes look and since our school is filled with athletic people, we see the differences too and want to become like them too. They can either encourage us to change or just say that we are ok the way we are.

Male Athletes Before

Women Back then in the 1900's

Women Now



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