Media Productions II Final Project

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Media Productions II Final Project

Media Productions II

Pamphlets are useful education tools. They present material in a very clear and concise manner. They're written materials that can be kept for later refference to refresh the learners memory.

Best Creations

Media Productions II


Animation can be done in an entertaining but educational manner. This makes learning fun and keeps the learner interested. Animation can keep the learner from becoming bored with the information presented.


Cartoons are helpful at making learning fun and ideal for visual learnings. They present information in an easy to digest and straight forward manner. They can also be very memorable, especially if they are presented in a witty fashion.

Powerpoint is a useful tool for providing education for larger audiences. It is very versatile and can include a lot of pictures and graphics and possibly animation and sound.

Use of audio files for learning is ideal for information that involves sounds. These sounds can include Music and bird calls. This tool is also useful for auditory learners.





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