Media Literacy,(Assignment),Computer and Information

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Media Literacy,(Assignment),Computer and Information

What is it?Image from my class at GWHS, kids using laptops for research.Media Literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and communicate through media. Eyeryday we are learning through the TV, movies, YouTube, radio, Billboards, websites and blogs. This new way of learning and creating is fast paced and inspiring. Today Social Media sites can be used in teaching, lesson planning, and creating in the arts.68% of kids 2 and younger spend at least 2 hours in front a screen each day involved with socail media, as we age the numbers just get higher and higher! We need to use this newfound obsession with social media and use it for educational purpose!

Literacy through Social Medial

Did you: *see that? *post that? *tweet that? *Watch that?

Get inspired

How it's used

Social Media and the Arts

1) Images! We are visual learners and the media allows us endless resources.2) How to's. Media allows us to look up how to videos to create certain things (painting, ceramics,book arts,etc.)3)Inspiration. Search images, videos, journal blogs to get ideas flowing!



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