Media Life is Like a ...

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Media Life is Like a ...

Questions to consider:1. Are digital media a small, medium, or big part of your life?2. What kind of impact do digital media have on you (a little, some, a lot)?3. What are your favorite and least-favorite things to do with digital media? 4. Do you connect with others or create things with digital media?Finish this statement: My media life is like a _____________because _______.


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Think about your life with media. First consider the questions below. Use your responses to help you finish the statement, “My media life is like a ...” This statement is a simile, a literary device for comparing two unlike things. For instance, someone who does not use much media might say that her media life is like a desert, because there is little life there. Someone might say that his media life is like a track meet, because he is exhausted at the end of the day. Finally, find at least 4 pictures or 3 pictures and a video or animation that represents the simile you created. The images or video can include text to explain thier relationship with the text..



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