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Media Instruction Plan



Science Fiction

Miss Steele's Media Instruction Plan!


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Media to Use in the Classroom:Glogster, Storybird, YouTube, Movies, Magazines, Twitter, Autone, Commercials, and More!

What should students understand at the end of the unit?1. Students will understand the affects of media advertisement and the modes of persuasion.2. Students will create an understanding of the genre science fiction.

What is included in these lesson plans?Students will explore the genre of science fiction and advertising through many different media-based activities!These include:- Compare and contrast various advertisements in magazines.- Keep TV commercial logs.- Create a Glogster advertising “swoodies” or the “slimmer”.- Watch clips from The Hunger Games. Answer journal prompts and discuss.- Create a 1-minute radio promotion for a product from the future they have created using the application “Autotune”.- Construct a science fiction short story using Storybird.- Various journal entries.


How are these useful learning tools?Students will utilize and develop the following skills:1. Writing Skills2. Technology Skills3. Presentation Skills4. Collaboration Skills5. Interpersonal Skills6. Fimilarity with Various Medias7. Reflection Skills8. Compare and Contrasting skillsand so much more!

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