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Media Evaluation

Montage editing/beats with music I gave high priority to the editing of the video in time with the beats to the song, which I believe was effective and was a real strong point. This was also supported in feedback, with many positive comments picking up on the link between music and video.

Genre Reflection I feel that the way I reflected genre was also effective. The bright and fun feel to the video linked to the pop and indie folk genre well and helped fit into the conventions of the genre

Lyrical links When editing, I made sure to make clear links between lyrics in the song and the video on screen, which proved to be effective in the final product.

Visual EffectsI felt the editing in my music video was strong because of my use of colour corrections which I purposely used to highlight the blues and orange, much like the presence of the strong blue colours on the digipak and advert. I also believe that the sophisticated title in the music video was also a strength because it was different and memorable, making it an effective product as well as it demonstrated a clear link with the ancillary products.

Commodification of the artistCreating a brand identity for an unknown artist was important. Turning the artist into a product through commodification was crucial and so I made a striking visual indie style through the iconic collaging and a stylised blanket in order to fully reinforce the cool brand identity and synergy of the three products, in order for consumers to buy into a product. This association between the three different media texts can also be referred to as symbiotic marketing. Overall I felt this was a real strength of the products, because there was a strong link, which was also picked up on in feedback and so was effective.

Lack of footage/variety A major drawback in editing was the lack of variety to my footage, meaning I had to reuse footage over and over again, which proved to be less effective. To further improve, I would think about filming more scenes with a performance aspect possibly, more varied lipsyncing scenes, more footage of the actress and actor together, etc.

Media Evaluation Question 2)How effective is the combination of the three products?

Camera Quality. Not using a DSLR high resolution camera was a clear drawback and the poor camera quality definitely impacted the final product. To improve in the future, I would consider using a higher quality camera to further improve my product.

More link between the three productsThe link between my ancillary products and my main product was quite weak. Other than the use of the same font and the ocean/sea theme, there was a minor link, which was not effective. I considered including collage refereces after receiving feedback on my product and in the future I would definitely try to incorporate the ancillary products into my main product.

Lipsyncing & performance Something picked up on in my feedback was that the lipsyncing was off in places and I think this was down to my editing on my part. I would take more time to edit in future and make sure it is perfect before uploading.

The combination of the three products was quite effective: the link between the two ancillary products was very strong and obvious but between them and the music video, there was a weak link. The same iconic collaging was effective but I should have carried this over to the music video for a more effective link. The synergy of the three products overall was still quite strong however. Targetting the audience was also maorly effective, the indie style was reflected in the ‘stylish’ blanket and collage, appealing to a fashionable, young audience. I also used an average actress which helped to make the video relatable to the target audience. Overall I am ha[[y with the products with them meeting expectations/conventions and satisfied that they were identifiable as a cross media product.


TheoriesThe representation of the stereotypical indie genre listener was replicated with the quirky/unique visual effects as well as the cool indie style and the genre of the music.Reception theory by Stuart Hall helps show how the audience will interpret a media text. For my music video, the 'Preferred/passive' reading would accept the vapid love narrative, whereas the oppositional view would suggest it's vapid and meaningless and too 'mainstream'. The middle ground would negotiate the views and insert opinion by appreciating the two different views.


Same Bright Colours with blue house style

Same Font

Genre Reflection continued

Sea Mise-en-scene


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