Media Effect On Our Perspective

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Media Effect On Our Perspective

How The Media Can Effect Our Perspective of Athleticism

The Media can have a devastating effect on one's perspective of an athlete.

Before, athletes were seen as men & women with skill for their sport. But since the age of technology, athlete are seen as jacked, attractive people.

If you look at the 2 lacrosse players, one modern, and the other from earlier years. Can you see the difference?

The picture above is of Penn State's lacrosse team from the year 1974.

Fast-Forward 43 years into the future, this is Penn State's lacrosse team from 2013.

Can YOU tell the difference?

The main difference between the teams from different time frames are the body images that each player has.

The 1974 team are about the same height as the 2013 players, but their muscles are different.

The 2013 team have bigger biceps and legs than the other team. And, they seem to be in better shape.

Now, look at these 2 Videoes for lacrosse.

It has been said that the average world class athlete trains 23 hours a week

The average atlete is 6"-1' and weighs around 217 lb.

To become an athlete, you must participate in about 20 hours of training each week for a period of eight years.

The average American athlete has an I.Q. of about 96-107

Akmost no 2 athletes train the same way as one another



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