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Social Studies
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Media Class Sample

Contributions/AccomplishmentsHere you will pull everything together. Write about the contributions made by your celebrity. What were his or her accomplishments? In the long run, what will your celebrity be remembered for? Briefly explain the what, why, and how of your celebrity's fame.Minimum of five sentences.

Significant MomentsIn this box you will write about the big moments in your celebrity's life. Talk about important events that might have made a difference in his/her life. Were there experiences that advanced his/her career or made a difference in how he/she became famous? Minimum five sentences.

Character TraitsIn this box you will write a paragraph about your celebrity's character traits. You will describe his/her personality, talents, strengths, weaknesses, values, physical characteristics, etc. This paragraph should be a minimum of five sentences.

Michelle ObamaFirst Lady

InfluencesIn this box you will write about people who influenced your celebrity. Perhaps there were people who helped, like friends, family, teachers, or coaches. Perhaps there was an element of luck, or maybe your celebrity just built up some courage or perseverance.Minimum five sentences.

Major ObstaclesIn this box you will write about major obstacles that your celebrity experienced. Write about the hard times and, perhaps, some unfortunate events that your celebrity had to go through. Explain how this might have made him/her stronger and better in the end...or, perhaps, had a different effect.Minimum five sentences.

Michelle Obama as a child.

Michelle Obama with her husband and two daughters

Click on the arrow to find out 14 things you didn't know about Michelle Obama!!

Setting/CircumstancesHere you will write about your celebrity's background. Where did he/she grow up? What were the conditions? Did this person struggle...or have good fortune...or something in between? Was there anything about his/her early days that eventually led to fame? Minimum of five sentences.

Michelle Obama, promoting healthy eating by gardening with students

President and Mrs. Obama at the Inaugural Ball

Michelle Obama as a teen.


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