Media Center Reminders

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Media Center Reminders

Library Media Center News & Reminders

My New Schedule- 1st Prep- 2nd Computer Apps- 3rd Computer Apps- 4th Office Tech / Media Center- 5th - Media Center- 6th - Media Center

Equipment Checkout- DVD player- Laptop- Data ProjectorSign up for each day you need the equipment.Promptly returnequipment.

Student Passes - All students must be sent with a pass.- Maximum of 4 students at 1 time during a class.- If you want to send more, call Extension 2015.- If we are full, we will send students back to class.- Students are expected to sign in and out of the media center.- Only send students who have a specific task to accomplish.

When your class is in the media center you must be there too.

Welcome Cathy Mock!

New Materials- Your suggestions are always welcome!Magazines- If you would like magazines for your room,complete and return the magazine distribution form.- These are for reading (not cutting).



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