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Media Arts Careers

Journalists use writing as a way of covering information in areas like sports, politics, economics, weather, and many more. This information can be very important because it let's people know what is happening in the world around them. To be a media arts journalist, you typically need a few years of experience and a bachelor's degree that focuses on writing. Writers and authors earned a median salary of $58 850 in 2014. Employment opportunities should increase by 3% before 2022.

Careers in media arts give an artistic way to express important messages that are appealing to viewers.

Digital filmmaking is a product of computer animation, computer production editing, and innovative camera technologies. It isn't easy to make movies and television, which is why employers look for filmmakers who have years of experience and a bachelor's degree in filmmaking, fine arts, or digital filmmaking. Video editors earned a median salary of $57 210, while camera operators earned $40 080 in 2014. Employment growth will likely slow because recent technology allows fewer workers to complete more tasks.

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Digital Art/Media

Digital artists use a variety of programs, including Adobe Photoshop, to create animations, computer graphics, and experimental pieces of art. The purpose of this is to usually send a message that will catch viewers eyes. The messages could be anything from "Save our Earth" to "Shop at our store", depending on what the employer needs. To get a job in this area, a strong portfolio and a bachelor's degree in media arts is needed. multimedia artists and animators earned a median salary of $63 630 in 2014. Career opportunities are supposed to grow 6% before 2022.


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