Media and Education

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Media and Education

Our students are constantly bombarded with media from the time they wake up in the morning to the time they finally put down their devices at night. As an educator we must master all media as a means of engaging students in order to be more prepared for college and careers that utilize all forms of these media. We can help to equip our students to not only navigate the world we live in and its saturation of media, but to critically think about each and every message that they encounter.

We have witnessed two shifts in literacy, the first being about "who" should be literate and the second about "what it means" to be literate. The first shift took place with the invention of the printing press and the second shift is one that we are experiencing still today! The Teachers Guide to media Literacy by Scheibe, C. and Rogow, F.


Media and Education

Why ?

Media Literacy

Our Students are - 1. Engaged in a participatory culture/media2. Not aware of the impact of media and potential for analysis.3. Eager to interact with the world.4. Individuals with unique perspectives/experiences


Everything from Books to Video Games and everything in between!

As we help to raise future generations, we must prepare our students to be "literate" in interacting with the media world that surrounds them. This includes being able to access, analyze, evaluate, and produce their own forms of communication. Educators play a pivotal role in arming young people with the ability to think and react in their own way. The ultimate goal is not for them to think like us, it is to think for themselves!