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Medal of Honor

Born Feburary 17, 1933 (age 81) Major Crandall evacuated wounded soldiers while medical evacuation was not his mission. He immedeantly sought volunteers with complete disregaurd of himself and his own personal saftey. He went continuously in and out of the landing zone a total of 22 times that day, November 14, 1965, all while being under intense firing from the enemy. Major Bruce Crandall retired from battle field after only all possible service had been done. Crandall's actions of bravery and courage, in the face of overwhelming and determinded enemy's are keeping in the highest traditions of millitary service and gives great reflect on himself, his unit, and the United States Army.


-Battle of Ia drang-Vietnam War-In army aviation hall of fame- Authur of "We Were Soldiers Once" which turned into a movie

Major Bruce Crandall, has recieved one of the highest military honors in acts of personal valor and went above and beyond his call of duty, saving many lives.

Lasting Impact

Bruce Crandall was a great leader and risked his life to save others and to make sure they go the medical attention needed



Medal Of Honor

Bruce Crandall


In Bruce's eyes


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