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The History of Mechanization

DefinitionMechanization means to introduce machinery into (an industry, enterprise, etc.), especially in order to replace manual labor.

Early Inventions 1793: Eli Whitney invents cotton gin.1797: Charles Newbold patented first cast-iron plow.

BeforeFarmers used to sow by hand and use a hoe to weed their land. They would also use a sickle to cut plants like grain. It was very time consuming and tiresome.

Mechanization mainly started in Britian

Mechanization got its start during the Second Agricultural Revolution which coincided with the Industrial Revolution.

Many other countries such as the United States, Argentina, Israel, and Germany also began mechanization with Britain. Mechanization then moved on to the rest of the world.

In the countries that mechanization spread to, their farming turned into commercial farming. Meaning that farmers could produced mass amounts of crops on little land with little labor. The new technology made farming easier and faster.

Less people were needed on farms and more people moved to cities. People's diets and ways of life were changing. Life was busy. Population was growing at a rapid rate and food was needed to accomadate. The third agricultural revolution would soon begin.


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