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Mechanical Planes

Author: Robert Connolly

Title: Mechanical Planes

Main EventsSome main events of Mechanical Planes include when Dylan and Kevin win the competition in Waleup. When Dylan and Kevin have a fight in Darwin. Another main event is when they win the finals in Darwin.

SettingsMechanical Planes starts you off at Dylan and Kevins home town, Waleup. From Waleup their journey takes them to the state finals in Darwin. In Darwin complications happen. After the competition they go back to Waleup and tell every one about their victory.

Main CharactersDylanDylan is a 13 year old boy who we get introduced to with his best mate Kevin. Dylan lives with his dad who is still a bit depressed after the death of his wife (Dylans mum). Dylan discovers that he likes remote control planes when a new kid shows up in his town (Jack). Dylan then wants to see if his paper plane making can rub off onto his new love of mechanical planes.KevinKevin is 13 as well as Dylan and he is also in the same class as him. He is Dylan's best mate from school. Kevin's father taught him the ways of remote control planes when we was a bit younger, so he has some experinece. Kevin is always there by Dylan's side to help him out, especially when the going gets tough. Kevin is the best mate Dylan could ever ask for.JackJack is the new kid in town that is quickly accepted by Dylan and Kevin into their friendship group. Jack is also 13 but he has somthing that Kevin and Dylan do not have... the new blue remote control jet fighter. Jack lives with his family in Waleup, even though we do not meet his parents in the movie Jack speaks greatly about them daily.

Paper Planes Sequel




Dylan and Kevin enter a plane flying competition after learning tricks. They win the first race, just, and gain some prize money that goes towards there next plane. After winning a few they see a massive world flight challenge. They enter but their plane gets left behind in Waleup by Kevin and they have a fight. Dylan decides to continue using a cheaper, dodgy plane he found in a second hand shop. Dylan feels sad and then tries to become friends with Kevin again but Kevin keeps pushing him away....

At the last minute at the competition, both Dylan’s and Kevin’s fathers show up and give back the plane that they left behind. Kevin finds Dylan at the finals and they work together in trying to find a way to make their plane go faster on the spot. They find a way and have a very close race but they come out second but they do not mind. They become friends with the winner and they all become best mates.

Mechanical Planes is yet another happy feel good movie which is also very exciting. It shows the main characters Dylan and Kevin having a good time but it also has a sad part to go with it. When Dylan and Kevin have a fight you are left on the edge of your seat thinking "what is going to happen next?" .Mechanical Planes is exciting due to its fast, but effective C.G.I animations.


In the start of the film Dylan runs into the new kid, Jack. Jack moved from a major city to get a calmer life, the one thing that matters to him is his 2015 remote control jet fighter. Dylan finds interest in it and they become friends. Dylan has a go at flying the plane and he really enjoys it with the supervision of his new friend. Dylan and Kevin start working for a small business until they can afford enough money to buy an older jet fighter.

Dylan and Kevin stop being friends after they have an argument about who left the plane behind in Waleup, and Dylan becomes upset. Dylan can’t go on without Kevin’s knowledge but he does enter the competition. Dylan tries to be nice and become friends again but Kevin does not accept. Jack, who is still in Waleup messages Dylan to make him continue. Dylan enters the competition by himself. Dylan loses the first stage of the competition but then Kevin shows up at the last minute. They then become mates the same way they did in the first movie, when Kevin helps Dylan practice for the championships. " I'm being supportive. That's what mates do". Then they win the competition.

Complication and resulution

Dylan Webber



Jack Webber

Jack's Favourite Quote"Giving up is basically throwing your most prized possession out a window."


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