Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


A Mechanical Engineer designs and develops machines; and finds solutions to environmental problems.Mechanical Engineers start in offices with such as looking into marketing and sales.They then move to a plant, where they supervise production of products and provide some support for the production team and may instruct them on what to do.

Type of work/ work conditions

Salary/ Type of EducationNeeded

To be a Mechanical Engineer, you need a Bachelors Degree just to be at an entry level.The average Mechanical Engineer makes $80,850 a year. Thats $38.74 an hour.

The demand for Engineering/ The Responsibilites

There are about 130,000 current engineering job openings to fill across the U.S., there’s an average ratio of 17 candidates per available job opening.Mechanical engineers can be involved in the management of people and resources, as well as the development and use of new materials and technologies. These are divided into manufacturing, construction, and power


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