Meat Mummies Fed Egyptians After Death

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Meat Mummies Fed Egyptians After Death

'Meat Mummies' fed Egyptians after death

'Meat mummies' were found in egyptian tombs dating back to at least 3300 B.C.

The meats were left in the tombs as food for the afterlife. They were treated with balms to preserve them.

48 cases of beef and pultry were found in King Tut's tomb.

The types of meats mummified were duck, calf, and goat

The meats were preserved by fat from the animals on the bandage or the meat. They also used a balm from fat or oil and resin from a pistacia tree.

I found this article really interesting. This is becuase, egyptians were smart enough to preserve the meat and it's actually lasted for thousands of years. I also found it strange that they thought food in the dead's tomb would feed them in the afterlife.

Richard Evershed and his colleagues studied how the meats were prepared and if the preparation of the food differed from people or pets. The field of science is biogeochemistry.

This article and research proves that the ancient egyptians were really smart. We also now know ways to preserve meats for a very long time.


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