Measures of Central Tendency

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Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of Central Tendency Mean Median Mode Range Note: the "average" can be the mean, median, or mode.

Measures of central tendency, tend to be in the middle or center of the data set.

Mean, Median, and Mode Rap

Best Measure of Center

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Song

Mean - Most affected by an OutlierMedian - Sometimes affected by an OutlierMode - Rarley (Least) affected by an Outlier

Hey diddle diddle, the median is in the middle. You add and divide for the mean. The mode is the one that occurs the most. And the range is the difference between.

Outlier - a value much LARGER or smaller than the rest of the values in ahe data set.

Ex. 1, 3, 2, 4, 100 -or- 1, 200, 201, 224


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