Measurement in Science

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Measurement in Science

Mass can be measured using beam balance or electronic balance

Centimeter to meter=X100Meter to kilometer=X1000Centimeter to kilometer=X100000Gram to Kilogram=X1000Second to minute=X60Second to hour=X3600


Thermometer is used to measure temperature.Laboratory thermometer is used in experiment

Rate is the measure of physical quantity changes with respect to timeFor speed,SI unit is m/s.Average speed=Total Distance/Total TimeFor density SI unit is kg/m³.If the density of an object is smaller than a liquid, the object will float on the liquid

Stopwatch is usually used for races or experiments.A mechanical stopwatch display minute and second scale.Accuracy up to 0.1 seconds.It does not need a battery.An electronic stopwatch has digital display.Accuracy up to 0.01 second.It needs a battry



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