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Measles can occur in both children and adultsThroughout the world, measles kills 164,000 people annually.More than half the people who die, are from India.

Melissa Ewasko

Fun fact!One of the earliest written descriptions of measles as a disease was provided by an Arab physician in the 9th century who described differences between measles and smallpox in his medical notes.

Sources:Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child


Signs and Symptoms:*Fever*Cough*Runny nose*Eyes sensitive to light*Dark red blotchy rash that oftenbegins on the face and neck, then spreadsover the body.Highly communicableMethods of Transmission:*Airborne through coughs, sneezes, and contact with contaminated articles.Incubation Period:*8-13 days*Rash develops approximately 14 days after exposureLength of Communicability:*From beginning of symptoms until 4 days after rash appearsControl Measures:*Most effective control method is immunization. Good personal hygiene, especially hand washing and covering coughs. Exclude child for at least 4 days after rash appears.


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