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Measles is a vaccine- preventable disease!

SYMPTOMS-high fever-runny nose- hacking cough-rash (spread all over body)-diahreea-red, sore eyes-red sores in mouth-swelled lymph nodes


Very contagious, respitory disease caused by a virus. Measles grows first unseen in throat or lungs. Measles is also knows as Rubeola.

CAUSESMeasles is a very contagious sickness. It's caused by a virus that gives you a rash all of your body. It is easily spread by sneezing, coughing, or even sharing food or drinks. Another cause that makes measles so contagious is that it can be spread by air

TREATMENTHome care helps cure measles. Also taking medicenes to lower fever, staying in bed to get rest, and some doctors may suggest Vitamin A supplements. With measles you should get better within two weeks.

Madden Elentrio

DIAGNOSISDoctors will ask you about your symptoms & examine your body. If they are suspicous of measles they will do a blood test & or viral culture


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