Meal Worms

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Meal Worms

Long-Term Investigation

Our Question


What did we do?





By doing this experiment we can see that meal worms take care of a lot of the dead and decaying things in nature. It also can teach students that even though these animals don't eat human food some animals do and it teaches responsibility of feeding animals


What happened & Why?

After observing the meal worms and their food for several weeks we found that they didn't eat any of the food that we provided them but did some research to see what meal worms do eat. According to the article we found "The beetles and larvae eat decaying leaves, sticks, grasses and occasionally new plant growth. As general decomposers, they also eat dead insects, feces and stored grains."

What do meal worms like to eat?

1. Put strawberry in cage2. Observe for 2 days3. Journal Data4. Repeat 1-3 with blueberries5. Repeat 1-3 with asparagus6. Repeat 1-3 with bread

1. Cage2. Meal Worms3. Corn Meal4. Strawberry5. Blueberries6. Asparagus7. Bread



While we were experimenting with the meal worms most of them were in their pupa stage so they were not eating, this could have influenced our research. There was also a hole in our cage and we believe that some meal worms escaped.


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