meal planing

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meal planing

What's the BIG idea?

Step #2:Part of living a healthy lifestyle is planning and budgeting. Use your menu to generate a shopping list that you will need to purchase to fufill your menu.

Srep #3: Design and publish an eyecatching and creative menu to present to your classmates.

Step #1: Use what you've learned to create a menu for one day. Your menu must be HEALTHY! NO FAST FOOD OR TAKE OUT! Your menu must include three complete meals and represent all the food groups. Your menu must also include atleast two healthy snacks.

How can I be a healthier kid?

What are some healthy alternatives to fast food ?

What are healthy ingredients that I should use when preparing a meal?

How can I prepare a healthy meal?

What are some helpful tips that will help when planning a healthy menu?



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