Me and Uncle Romie

by ElizabethCoomer
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Me and Uncle Romie

Leveled Readersread the one assigned

Seat Work! Choose one

INSTRUCTIONSMon.- Listen to the audio Skill Author's Purpose as you read along on pg. 224.and complete 1 & 2. Science - Complete Day 1 What’s the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?Write a sentence that compares fruits and vegetables. (at the bottom of that page).Tues.- Listen to and read along the Vocabulary pages 246 and 247 then do the write part at the bottom of pf. 247. Science Complete Day 2.Wed.- Read along as you listen to the the Story as well as read it on your own.Science -Complete Day 3 Thurs.- Complete These LZ lessons…Quick CodesLZ664 - Understanding a Constructed Response Question. LZ396 - Use text features and clue words to find evidence in a textScience - Complete Day 4Friday - Take the Selection test. Do one of the seatwork assignments. Science - Complete Day 5 Write to Explain on the Back of this sheet. What have you learned this week about vegetables? What have you learned this week about fruits?Read the Level Readers assigned to you on

Use Bullets, and Headings on your paper.

Quick CodesLZ664LZ396

You will NOT post anything to the Glog This week! You may practice your typing and read a book with these links!


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