Me and My World by Relja Milovic

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Me and My World by Relja Milovic

My family is...

my mum, my father, my grandmother and my grandfather.

My home is...

I live in a house, not in a flat, in Valjevo.Its on the second floor and it has got two kitchens, three bedrooms, two living rooms, and two bathrooms.

My school is...

My school is Andra Savcic.It's a very big school with more than 2000 pupils. I'm in years 11 and my form teacher is Biljana Ristovic.

My friends are...

Filip, Milan, Mihailo and Zivota. They're all in the same school as me.

My favourite sports are...

basketball, football. I'm good at basketball but I'm terrible at skateboarding.



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