Me and my world by Petra Maksimovic

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Me and my world by Petra Maksimovic

My world

Hello! My name is Petra. Iam ten. My family is my mum, my dadand my little sister. I live in a flat in Branislav Nušić Street.

I go to the First primary school. My teacher is Violeta Sević. The FirstPrimary school is a big school.

My best friends are OlgaLea, Dorotea and Nikolina.They are my class friends.

In my free time I play computergames and hangout with my friends.

My best Lingva friend isPetra Nemeshajmer.Petra is good at English.I love Petra.

My fauvorite sport isbasketball. My favouritesportsman is Miloš Teodosić.

Petra Maksimović



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