Me, and Earl, and the Dying Girl

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Me, and Earl, and the Dying Girl

Me and Earl, and the Dying GirlBy: Jesse Andrews By: 

Greg Gaines is in his final year of high school. He has fairly decent grades, and no one really dislikes him. He doesn't really want to go to college, because he thinks it would be a waste of time. He learns early in the book that his neighbor Rachel Kushner has leukemia. He becomes freinds with her over time. Rachel learns about Earl and Eric's films. She ends up liking them quite a bit, so Eric trys to make one for her so she will be happy in her state. After awhile of them being freinds she learns he doesn't want to go to college and convinces him to apply for college. He ends up being accepted into the college he applied for but, between the movie he is making for Rachel, School work, and Rachel her self he soon ends up falling behind of his classes and ends up becoming denied to the college. He ends up finishing the movie and going to the hospital when Rachel is on the bed. He projects the film onto the wall so she can watch it while she lies there... Waiting for luekimia to catch up to her. After her death and her funeral he finds a letter in her room adressed to him so he opens it. He learns from the letter that she loved her life and that she loved him. He also learns that when she found out he was accepted then denied to the college, she sent a letter to the college explaining that it was her fault he fell behind in school and that he should be allowed to go even with his poor preformance in school over the past few months.



"life is not perfect. but that we cherish every second of it when we are with the people we love."This theme relates to the fact that we cannot live for ever and life doesn't turn out how we want but we just need to learn to make the most of what we've got.


Greg Gaines - The narrator/main character of the book. He is seventeen years old and thinks little of himself.His only real freind is EarlEarl - Greg's only real freind. Greg and earl have been making movies since they were little kids. They don't thinkthat the movies are very good but they both love to do it.The Dying Girl(Rachel Kushner) -Rachael has been diagnosed with leukemia and is not doing well.

Benson High School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.(Benson is on the border of Squirrel Hill and Homewood.)

I would recomend this book for the following reasons...1. This book gives insight on the lives of people with cancer and other people are affected by that persons life.2.This book gives insight on an teenagers life in high school and how they deal with big problems like this and the stress that comes with it.3. No one should be alone in a time of grieving or sorrow.




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