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Charcter TraitsThomas is a very kind person. Thomas is a kind person when they found Mcgrowl in the street and took Mcgrowl and took him home.

Main IdeaWhen they found the dog Mcgrowl he tried hishardest to keep Mcgrowl .

CharctersThe Charcters in the book are Thomas, Viloet, Mcgrowl and Doc Minderbder

ProblemThe problem in the story in the story is that Doc Minderbinder is try to make Mcgrowl into a bionic super dog.

Solution Thomas and Violet figure out that Doc Minderbinderwas a imposter. then Thomas and Violet saw the police and he took the imposter to jail.


SettingThe setting is in Thomas's Neighborhood

Important EventThe important events in the story is Mcgrowl was capetured by the evil Doc Minderbinder so Thomas and Violet Have to save them.



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