McCarthy Puritan comparison

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McCarthy Puritan comparison

Joseph McCarthy was born on November 14, 1908 near Appleton Wisconsin. Later in the year 1946 he was elected to be in the U.S. Senate. Only 4 years later he publicly announced that 205 communists had infiltrated the State Department. Then in 1952 he was reelected and became chair of the Senate's subcommittee on investigations. For 2 more years he investigated different government departments and questioned many witnesses. He is still known today by historians as, "the least qualified, and most corrupt politician of his time."

Salem Witch Trial

Puritans were Protestants in side of the Church of England that sought to purify their national church by eliminating every bit of Catholic influence, but due to pursecution they sailed over to the Americas to start over.

The reasons that the Salem Witch Trials began was due to, an ongoing frontier war, economic conditions, teenage boredom, and personal jealousies.During the witch trials people had to be very careful not to step on any toes, because if you did you could be the next person accused of witch craft.The procedures of the court were very unfair during this time which ended in 20 innocent people dying and hundreds more imprisoned and awaiting trial. If you were accused of doing witchcraft of being a witch, you were brought before the court and your accuser(s) and asked if the accusations are true and if you are a witch. If you "confess" and say that you are a witch then you won't be killed because they thought that if you confessed then you have come back to God. But if you denied the accusations but found guilty then you were to be hanged. Now if you refused to stand trial then you were to be pressed till you said "Aye, or Nay", but if you didn't say anything then they continued to stack heavy rocks on your chest till death.

Puritan Beliefs

1. The Bible is God's true law2. God directs all things to an intelligent end3.More partial to the Old Testament4.Human beings are depraved sinners5.God chooses those worthy for salvation6.Predestination7.Divine Laws8.Everything in moderation9.Chosen people called to build a New Jerusalem


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McCarthy & Puritan comparison

Joseph McCarthy


McCarthy and "The Crucible" comparison

Arthur Miller


Arthur Miller was born in Harlem, New York in 1915. In 1965 the Un-American Activities Committee refused to renew his passport and he was called to stand in front of the committee. This is mainly due to his play, "The Crucible". "The Crucible is a dramatization of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 and an allegory of McCarthyism. He is a very famous playwright, and some of his other plays and literature that he is famous for are:-The Death of a Salesman-All My Sons

McCarthyism is "the political practice of publicizing accusations of disloyalty or subversion with insufficient regard to evidence." McCarthyism was started by Joseph McCarthy as an anti-communist, he went on the hunt to find all of the communists in the government, army, movie industry, and various other walks of life.Anti-communism: being against the idea of a society where there is a common control of all production, and everything is shared and belongs to all.

Some of those accused during the Salem Witch Trials includes:- Bridget Bishop- Rebecca Nurse-Sarah Good-John Proctor-George Burroughs-George Jacobs Sr.

Some accused


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