Mc Donalds history

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Mc Donalds history

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Ray Kroc

What is their education background and highest level of education achieved by this entrepreneur? Hamburger University in Elk Grove, Illinois

Name at least 4 skills, talents, special abilities, and interests which helped to make him/her a successful entrepreneur? He is a pianist, a paper cup salesman and a DJ on a Oak Park radio station.

What country and which type of economic system did this entrepreneur live in when they started their company? In San Bernadino.

Did this economic help them or hurt their company and its growth? It helped them.

What year and in what city and state did this entrepreneur start this business venture? In Sam Bernardino, Californa in the 1950's.

Did he have a partner? If so, name him also. No he did not have a partner.

What is a quote from this entrepreneur? The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

What is this Entrepreneur famous for and/or what company did they start? Ray Kroc was best known for expanding Mcdonald.

What was this entrepreneur's biggest disappointment or failure they experienced in life? It was when started making different products.

Is this company on the stock market?

What product and/or service does this business manufacture, distribute or provide to its customers? The only products are hamburgers and fries.

What type of business or industry (Technology, Music, Motion, Pictures, Automobile, etc.) is this company? The food business.

What is the stock symbol of this company?


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