M.B.S.I.D project (veterans)

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M.B.S.I.D project (veterans)

Soldier Project

Sam gives the view of war as an exciting experience. While failing to tell everyone of the deaths that occur in war, he boast about how war is great. He comes home occasionally to talk to tim about it and has much to tell. Sam has influenced the view of war tims eyes with his stories. Sam went to the rebel army when he was 16 yrs. old. He feels like war is a glorious thing even though he only went to war because his friends were going. Sam didnt go to

Josue Pichardo is an american soldier. Josue Pichardo joined the army because he needed money. He needed a job and the army was the most fit. He left to war and had two feelings. Josue gives the impression of was as exciting, but scary. " It's scary because you dont know whats going to happen, but it's exciting, because your with your fellow brothers. " said Pichardo. The decision of going to the army affected Pichardo's family, because he had to leave his


Josue Pichardo


war because he was persuaded by righteousness, or justice. He just wanted to fit in. This decision wasnt ok with the rest of the family. Or should i say his father. Sam's decision to join war upset his father, and broke up the family. The father was a loyalist, and Sam was a patriot. So tim the poor soul didnt know which side to choose. The mother loved Sam but also loved her husband. Sam would write letters and so would ms meeker. War is tough on the meekers.

beloved daughter to fight. It was bad enough that he had to leave her and her mother alone, but when Pichardo came home his daughter didnt recognize him. " The most memorable moment for me was when i came home to see my daughter scared of me because she didnt recognize who her father was. " said Pichardo. This affected Pichardo in a major way. War was tough for the Pichardo's.


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