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Field Trip to theMonterey Bay Aqaurium

Sea otters keep their fur waterproof by grooming their fur for hours.

African blackfooted penguins have a double layer of insulation to keep warm in cold waters.

Giant Kelp grow in turbulent waters, which bring supplied nutrients.

The brownish color of the upside-down jelly fish is caused by symbotic algae living in its tissues.

Bat Rays can jump out of the water and skim along the surface

Northern Anchovies swim with their mouths wide open, like they're yawning.

Dolphinfish grow up to 4 feet in the 1st year of growth.

On Thursday, February 26th, my class went on a field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. First, I observed the sea otters. They had thick dark fur and they were athletic swimmers. I also touched a bat ray. Its fins felt smooth and slippery. Later, I watched Northern Anchovies swim in one huge school. The anchovies never left their group. Finally, we went to the gift shop; my friend, Tommy, and I each bought a slap band. I got my sister, Ananya, a sea turtle pen! :) It was amazing to see marine animals up close!


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