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Maze Runner

James Dashner

Maze Runner

SummaryIn the book, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, Thomas wants to remember his life before he arrived in the Glade. However, the Creators{People who sent him to the Glade} wiped his memory, so he only knows his name. So, Thomas lives a life as ‘normal’ as it could be in the Glade. Then Teresa arrives in the Box, the day after Thomas, with a note saying, “She’s the last one. EVER.”

SettingsIn the book, The Maze Runner by James Dashner,the setting changes slightly. The Glade is a place where the boys, who are part of an experiment, go. The setting eventually changes to The Maze. The Maze has Grievers that can sting. If one of the Gladers{the boys} gets stung, the need to get the Grief serum.

CharactersThomas: Runner/last boy EVER to arrive in the GladeAlby: Keeper/leaderNewt: Keeper/leader/ Alby’s ‘co-worker’Chuck: Tom’s friend/slopperMinho: Keeper of the RunnersGally: traitor/hates TomTeresa: First girl EVER in the Glade/has a note saying, “She’s the last one. Ever.”Frypan: Chef guy/KeeperThe Grievers: Evil machines/try to sting GladersThe Beetle Blades: Little machines so the Creators can spy on the Gladers



The lesson learned in this story is to, choose your friends wisely. Some people are not mentally stable and are NOT your friend. Detail: Gally is not mentally stable and is NOT Tom’s friend.

ConflictThe Glade is surrounded by the Maze. The Runners try to figure out how the Maze works and how to escape. All while the Grievers, are trying to kill the Gladers.

I thought that this was a great book. My eyes were, glued to the pages of the book. My friends had to take The Maze Runner out if my hands. I suggest you read this book, and the rest of the series! Now!


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