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Maze Runner Book Report

The Maze RunnerBy: James Dashner

Thomas: The main character that starts off the series with courage and bravery against the grievers. He is the only character that seems to want to get out of the Glade and not just care about survival. He starts figuring out the code and becomes more and more of a leader throughout the book.Chuck: From the beginning of the book until the end, Thomas calls Chuck annoying because he is always talking to him and asking him questions. He is not the most athletic of people but tries his best to provide help.Newt: Newt is one of the only people who treats Thomas like a friend. Newt convinces the keepers to go on Thomas’s side a lot and helps Thomas interpret his dreams.

Thomas arrives in a box around the so called “Glade”. People started calling him Greenie and make him feel really uncomfortable. After the tour of the Glade, Thomas starts to recognize the Glade and feels he should be there. When he starts to show his talents, the keepers elect him to be a runner. But he still is curious about the Glade. Then Thomas gets chased by grievers all the while his mind is tortured by a mysterious girl. Is there a code? Is there a way out? The fight for survival starts here.



The theme is hope because of these reasons. The people in the Glade are so serious about survival that they lose all hope for escaping. Not even the runners thought they would find anything when they went into the maze. This was until Thomas came. He believed that there was a way out but more importantly thought that they couldn´t make a living in the Glade. Thomas challenged all the beliefs that the gladers thought they could never do. He overcame their fears and gave the gladers hope that they could escape.


In a meadow the size of several football fields. The weather is paradise because it is being controlled by the people watching them in the Glade.

The loss of hope is evident throughout the book from characters like Alby, who died by running into a griever and basically killing himself, and Gally, who went crazy hating Thomas and believing the maze is unsolvable. Upon Thomas´ arrival, he starts to earn respect from the other gladers, by killing a griever and surviving a night in the maze. This demonstrates that he is becoming a leader and shows that there is in fact hope to escape the maze.



Map of the Glade that changes everyday


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