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Mixing concrete for the security wall

Me and my little buddy Victor at the aquarium

Back2Back is the name of the ministy organization my church was partnered with for this trip

Last summer I had the privledge of traveling to Mazatlan, Mexico to take part in outdoor work projects and love on some amazing orphanages. At Hogar de Ninos my team and I worked incredibly hard to dig trenches around the orphanage so it would not flood during the rainy season. On our last day at this orphanage the kids in the home put on a dance performance for us. The second orphanage we went to was called Rancho de los Ninos. I was blown away by the horrible conditions these children lived in every day. All of the children at this home had a disability of some kind. On the second to last day of our trip we got to take these kids to an aqarium. This trip was one that I will never forget.

Mazatlan, Mexico

At the beach!

The team



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