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Ancient History

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Another thing I like about the Mayans is that they are filled with mysteries. That's because no one knows how they fell.

Another thing that I like about the Mayans is the buildings that they made. Here are some Caracol, Tikal, and Chichen Itza I think they are so unique.

Your text hereThe Maya had no central king ruling their huge empire. Instead, there were as many as 20 separate areas, similar to ancient Greece city-states. Each major city had its own ruler and noble class supported by smaller cities and the surrounding farms and villages.

About The CivilizationI love how the Mayans used suanas.Saunas are big in my family because we are a little Finnish

MayansThey lived for over 2,00 years. they were at their peak from 300 CE to 900 CE


Video About The Mayas

1 thing that I liked about the mayas were that they were reallly smart. They could think things we haven't even figured out or are just figuring out.

About the civilization

Mayan calendar

Video About Mayas

About the civilization

El Castillo


About the civilization

Mayan Saunas

I like how the mayans used hieroglyphics. The ancient egyptians used hieroglyphics and thats my favorite civiilization


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