Mayans art and architecture

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Mayans art and architecture

Maya art is often divided into two types: Monumental ( the art in which stone or lime plaster was used to create buildings) and Portable ( a far more common form of art which consist in the usage of bone, shell, stone, wood, ceramic and other materials). Most of the Maya art that was created came to be known from the believable existence of gods.Along with their buildings and sculptures, the Mayans were also very famous for their majestic Pyramids, ( first type of pyramid was best known as to be a sacrifice for the gods, this consisted of the Mayans walking up at the highest peak and offering a sacrifice to the gods), (second type was a pyramid which was built to honor a god).

Mayans art and architecture

A common form of Maya sculpture was the stela

Unlike the monuments, whose royal proclamations were intended for public view, the ceramic vessels are often very anecdotal and are where the ancient Maya, in a sense, really let its feelings go free.

The ancient Maya combined skills in organic chemistry and mineralogy to create an important technology – the first permanent organic pigment.

The Maya excel in the painting mainly in Ceramics, but the murals both in buildings and in caves, were also important to them, they use several vegetal as well as mineral colorants to perform their masterpieces as the brilliantly rendered murals at San Bartolo

Music was a cultural activity that was performed by both child and adult, by commoners and elite.


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