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Mayan Presentation

Mayan Astronomy

Mayan systems were createdbecause of astronomy.Mayan priests looked to theheavens for guidance.Mayan's also used observatories,shadow-casting devices, andobservations to trace complexmotions of the sun, stars, and planets.

The Mayans worshipped many thing but mostly the Milky Way andhad sophisitcated understanding of ecliptic. They Mayans attached agreat deal of imprtance to the Zenial passage when the sun would bedirectly overhead.

Their astronomical observations were included in a complex calendar. The Mayan calendar was composed of 260 days, which was the time Venus appeared as a morning star. 50 days later as an evening star.

The methods used by the Mayans laid the foundation for modern stronomy. Ancient astronomers used naked eye observations, recorded systematic data over time and used the observed patterns to make accurate predictions.

Today's astronomers use those observations and practices that the Mayans used. By making observations using simple tools, students will not only replicate some of the Mayan observations, and they will also get a deeper understanding of the natural cycles they are part of.



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