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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Artifact/Description:Ancient Egypt Trade:Egypt traded things like gold, papyrus, linen, grain, and artifacts (some stolen from Phaoraoh's tomb). The city is great because it gave civilians the resources required to live and prosper.

Artifact/Description:Phaoraohs:The phaoraohs were thought to be almost as splendid and powerful as the gods of the heavens. Type of government thats based off religious authority called theoracy.

Artifact/Description:They used rope trusses to stiffen the beam of ships. Egyptian paper made from papyrus. The wheel and chariot didnt arrive till the 16th century BC. Mainly technology used for ships and lighthouses.

Artifact/Description:Pyramids: There were three types of people who built the pyramids: Egyptian engineers, architects, and skilled craftsmen.

Record Keeping

Advanced Technology

Complex Institutions

Specialized Workers



Advanced Cities

Cool Facts: The ancient Egyptians worshipped more than 1,000 different gods and goddesses. Ancient Egyptians believed the tears of the goddess Isis made the Nile overflow each year.

Fun Facts

Artifact/Description:Hieroglyphics:A more flexible writing system than scribes. Used from about 3300 or 3200 BC, and the Egyptians used hieroglyphs for the next 3,500 years. Hieroglyphics is the oldest form of writing.


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